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Technical support:  

Frequently Asked Questions 
1. How does auto dialer work? 
    Answer>  People could make pre-paid call without auto-dialer on a conventional phone using the pre-paid IP call card. He/she will  
1). buy a pre-paid IP phone card  
2). scratch it to disclose the card number and Pin.  
3). then he/she finds a conventional phone  
4). He/she will dial access number which is the ID of a carrier  
5). after that , a voice prompt will tell him/her to input card number and Pin  
6). when all these are finished correctly, the system will allow him/her to make a long distance call 
All the steps are really bothering and inconvenient because people have to do the same procedure 
each time when they make a call, 
and when he/she mistypes, he/she will have to do this again from the beginning. But with Auto-dialer, people just store the information of access number, card number, pin into memory of auto-dialer, then when he/she makes a call, auto-dialer will help to finish all the steps automatically.  
    So auto-dialer makes pre-paid IP call just like IDD 
2. How does callback dialer work? 
    Answer> For customer who use the call back service to make a call usually follows the steps below 
1). pick up the phone and dial the callback service number(also called access number) 
2). upon hearing the ring tone, hangup 
3). waiting until hear the call from the call(call back) service. typically this period of time takes 5-60seconds depends on how soon the system answers you. 
4). after picking up the phone, an IVR tells to input PIN and other options like language selection etc. 
5). after input the PIN correctly, the system then allows to make the call 
6). then dial the destination number and after get connected the conversation begins. 
All the steps are really bothering and inconvenient because people have to do the same procedure each 
time when they make a call, and when he/she mistypes, he/she will have to do this again from the beginning. But with Cll Back Auto-dialer, people just store the information of access number, card number, pin with it, then when he/she makes a call, auto-dialer will help to finish all the steps automatically.  
So Call Back auto-dialer makes call back service just like IDD service  
3. We would like to be your agency for selling your autodialer, do you have any suggestion for how we should market it?    
 Answer>  According our experience, it is very hard for marketing by retail and large quantity is impossible without the help 
of telecommunication carriers or prepaid IP card vendors  who is in business of VoIP.  Our autodialer has good security protection
 which could help carriers and IP card vendors to bind their card (access number , card number, PIN etc) with autodialer, without 
knowing the password, user could  not modify it. So user will come to you again when they need to buy more minutes from you.   
  Also, our dialer could be remotely configured which means that user could call your service number and you just do the service 
at home or your office with a normal telephone.  4. Do I need internet connection for auto dialer ? 
    Answer>  No, auto dialer works only with conventional telephone. Not like other IP2IP devices) such as Net2Phone, or other 
IP based devices which has no guarantee of QoS (Quality of service) and is not applicable for commercial purpose, so it does not
 need an internet connection. 5. Is auto dialer an IP2IP device ?  
    Answer>  No,  IP auto dialer is not an IP2IP device but device working with conventional telephone to help people finishing the 
inconvenient dialing of IP call whether with access number only or with access number + card number + pin. All you need to do is
 just prestore all the information into the dialer only once and for all. Auto dialer will then help you with all these procedures automatically. 6. Is auto dialer applicable anywhere in the world ? 
    Answer>   Gateway between PSTN and IP network are widely used in most of the countries in the current world now because VoIP
 reduces the cost greatly for voice service. But still there are some countries who does not has such system or just parts of the country has
 the system. So auto dialer will not work in the area where there is no gateway between PSTN and IP network.      Also in areas where the lines’
 quality is low (low voltage, too much noise), this probably will be another cause that auto dialer does not work properly.  7. How does the auto dialer connect  to telephone ?  

  Answer>  Very simple! just see the figure as below.








8. Does the auto dialer support access only(ANI) single stage IP calls ? 
    Answer>  Yes. Some carriers in different countries provide access number only single stage IP calls. Like China telecom provides such 
service access number 17909. People could make IP to the US by dialing 17909+001+xxxxxxx. Some carriers also give voice prompt after access number. Our auto 
dialer works well under both situations. 9. Is auto dialer applicable for IP calls only ?  
    Answer>  No,  auto dialer is not only works for IP call. It works well with any pre-paid or other calls which has the features of access number or card number, or pin etc. 
10. Can I re-programming with auto dialer ? 
    Answer>  Yes, definitely you could. All the details you may find from the User Manual. Also our auto dialer support remote programming. 11. Why does auto dialer need to set time delay ? 
    Answer>  Normally, when we use pre-card for making a call (without using dialer), we dial the first access, then hear the IVR. at this time if you dialer quick after the IVR, system will misses 
some digits because during the time that system playing IVR, system can not accepet input from user. to avoid this, you simply wait a few seconds, 
( you can count on it how long will it be), after system finished IVR, then input pin, thus, system will accept.     Because of each system are different, so 
we can not make dialer to adapt all the system. that means we have to find the most optimistic time delay based on different system. to do this, we could
 just set different time delay with dialer to check the optimistic one.     Also as the voip technoliges and equipments are improving for better performance 
as time going on, the time delay are becoming shorter and shorter and the system will be more and more stable. but at the starting for a company to be 
an ITSP, this problem is very normal. Such cases in china already happened before for any carriers in china, but we observed that after some time, most 
of them improved a lot 12. Does  auto dialer decrease the voice volume  ? 
    Answer>  As far as we know, there are some auto dialers in the market are of low quality and will decrease the volume by more than 3040%, beside that, 
they could also bring other side effects like high power consumption, wrong dial, low connection rate, too much noise etc.      Our auto dialer has passed all 
the strict tests held by China government and has obtained the necessary approvals for China market. User even will feel no difference with and without the 
auto dialer. You could find the all the technical parameters from our website include power consumption. 13. Does auto dialer support pulse ? 
    Answer>  Pulse mode is very old system now, but still  it exists in some countries. Model 323-2/C  and 323-2/D support pulse . 
14. Does  auto dialer support ISDN line ? 
    Answer>  No, current none support ISDN